"Our ambition is to help people discover the benefits of massage rituals by making quality beauty tools and treatments, essential to the well-being of the skin and the mind, accessible to everyone." Mei & Thibault, founders of the brand.

Sensorialite Jade Roller

"The jade facial roller was once reserved for the elite in ancient China. When we first roll it on the right side of our face, it is said to promote prosperity."

The story

Jade Roller

Jade Roller is a story of friendship that started 5 years ago between Mei Zhang and Thibault Nelkin. She is Chinese and lives in the province of Guangdong, in the city of Shenzhen. He is from the south of France. Passionate about French culture, she decided to leave everything to study in France. That's where she met Thibault. He is passionate about the Asian culture and both of them become friends very quickly.

Thibault discovers with Mei the Asian beauty rituals and in particular the jade facial rollera Chinese care tool inherited from his grandmother and that she used daily. When he wanted to buy one, it was impossible to find one in France of good quality. 

They have So they had the idea of creating the brand Jade Rollerwhich means "jade facial roller", a tribute to the original tool and to make these beauty rituals accessible to all.

We work directly with small-scale factories to address specific customer concerns while ensuring ethical sourcing for all our products.

We offer products that help you create rituals for physical and mental well-being.

The History of jade facial roller

The jade facial roller was once used by the Chinese imperial elite, since the 7th century. This sumptuous tool was prized for maintaining beautiful skin and youthful features. It is a heritage of traditional Chinese medicine.


Considered as "the stone of paradise" and symbol of prosperity, jade was the favorite stone to compose his scrolls, because of its beauty and its therapeutic properties, both physical and spiritual.


In ancient times, jade was used in many beauty treatments by the Mayans and Egyptians.


In lithotherapy, jade heals stressed organs and releases toxins. It slows the process of cellular aging by promoting renewal and strengthens the body's natural defenses and healing power by increasing Chi, a revitalizing energy of the body. Just as your body feels alive and refreshed after a cardio session, rolling jade will have the same effect on your facial muscles.

The action of jade rolling increases circulation and rids your skin of toxins through lymphatic drainage. The increased blood flow means that the tone of your face will improve, effectively plumping the cheekbones and face. Wrinkles will be smoothed out, the increased blood flow will act as a detoxifier for the skin and lead to more luminosity, clarity and a glowing complexion.

Two rollers can be used in tandem during a facial. During your treatment, cool the jade by placing the roller in the refrigerator, then use it to effectively reduce dark circles and deflate your face. You can also add a few drops of serum to your face to help the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin!

Jade stones are non-porous and do not contain bacteria. There are no added dyes in our rolls.

jade facial roller antique
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